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The Information Studies Programme studies the relationship between information technology and people. Information studies is a humanistic field of inquiry which investigates the role of technology in people's daily lives and in interpersonal communication, as well as the interaction between people and technology. The interdisciplinary field of information studies draws on research on organisations, communication, IT, design, society and technology.

The programme’s research activities cover areas such as health IT, interaction processes, system development, interface culture, surveillance, IT in urban spaces, and IT and business.

The research environment

The Information Studies Programme was established at AU  in 1986 and has the longest tradition of research and education in this field in Denmark. The research environment features strong research competencies in the areas of interaction design, STS (Science-Technology-Society) studies and digital design.

The field of information studies is aimed at creating productive links between  theory and practice in society through cooperation and interventions.  The Information Studies Programme at  is one of the country’s strongest centres for promoting this aim. Information Studies not only offers a wide range of IT and media degree programmes, it also has close links to other businesses and programmes in IT City Katrinebjerg. The programme is located in INCUBA  Park, which is also home to B&O, Google, and the Alexandra Institute, a non-profit company which works with application oriented IT research.

Degree programmes

The Information Studies Programme offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in information studies as well as a number of electives

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhoneMobilebuildingroom
Albrechtslund, AndersAssociate 8716 1954+45 216303885347131
Andersen, Christian UlrikJens Christian Skou 8715 36891630222
Andersen, Lars BoPost 8716 32095335156
Basballe, Ditte AmundPhD 8716 19615347237
Biskjær, Michael MosePostdoc, MA, 8716 20235335248
Bossen, ClausAssociate 8716 19835347136
Brandorff, 8716 20015347126
Breinbjerg, MortenAssociate 8716 19975347222
Brynskov, MartinAssociate 8716 1962+45 306804245335263
Bøge, Ask RisomPhD 8716 20285347130
Christensen, JensAssociate 8716 20075347228
Dalsgaard, 8716 20195335265
Danholt, PeterAssociate 8716 20065347135
Dindler, 8716 20165335259
Dinesen, Anne MarieAssociate 8716 19845347142
Fritsch, 8716 32125335261
Glud, Louise NørgaardPhD 8716 2012+45 514486705347128
Halskov, KimProfessor with Special 8716 1982+45 289922515335255
Iversen, Ole SejerProfessor with Special 8716 1996+45 505467785335257
Lauritsen, PeterAssociate 8716 1985+45 244838975347134
Olesen, FinnAssociate 8716 19925347138
Olesen, Niels Erik SkovIT Staff 8715 1262+45 224312105124131
Pold, SørenAssociate 8716 19945347224
Schiølin, Kasper HedegårdPhD 8716 20275347130
Storm, Per HenrikPhD 8716 32135347234
Tietze, JørgenPhD 8716 19725347132
Ubbesen, Morten 8716 2013+45 424041155347132
Veerasawmy, RunePhD 8716 19785347140
Witzke, Anne SophiePhD 8716 19875347220
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